About Us

Located in Chelmsford, MA at Madras Grill it's a food fest. From mouth watering North Indian and south Indian delicacies, to buffet lunch and dinner extravaganza, you'll have a lot to choose from. We cook and serve food like a mom takes care of her child with nearly the same warmth. We understand the two can't be compared though. Now it's up to you to visit and decide for yourself if you'd like to come by again.



Where variety meets your taste the pleasure of variety on your plate.

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Even years after visiting a party or a function you may or may not remember who all you meet, but one thing you remember by default, and that is the food.

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service chef


High Spirits for the super spirited unwind, relax, have one.

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Party Hall

Have a family get together? Inviting friends for a bash? Don't worry, we got you covered. With a capacity of 100 pax.

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Our Specialty

Experience the real taste of our food.

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